I am very close to abandoning this blog. WordPress have changed the editor and it is impossible to continue using this format. I am looking at other software providers for a new blog that doesn’t require an engineering degree to use. I don’t recommend WordPress to anyone looking to self-publish a blog or website. It took a very long time to learn how to use it and now, with their insane new editor it is virtually impossible.

If you aspire to write a blog or develop a website look elsewhere or you’ll face more obstacles than your time is worth. When I get a new blog I will post a link to it. This site is paid for until 2022, after that three years of my work will be gone.


April 29   Like the Traffic tune says, sometimes I feel so uninspired. I’ve been from here away for over one month. The last year has been difficult for all of us in the Covid era and I’m no exception. Losing Wilson was a heart punch on top of many other things that I won’t bother you with.

I have almost given up on the news of the day, with the exception of my local news. And it hasn’t been good. I vowed to stay away from political and religious matters when I began this blog but some things cannot be ignored. A local cult passing itself off as a church has made national news by their irresponsible behaviour against the lockdown measures designed to protect us from this horrible virus, painting a nasty stain on the reputation of our fine town and embarrassing many residents.

They are not alone in the selfish behaviour exhibited by many, with their ludicrous rants about freedom and the Charter of Rights that I’m quite certain few have actually read in full.

Golfers ranting about closed courses, fitness folks about closed gyms, hipsters can’t get their $100 haircuts and beard trims, women can’t get their hair and nails styled. Nails! The horror!

On top of those terrible 1st world hardships, I read in the local paper that the fire chief of a nearby township wants to get a new logo for his firetrucks, stationary and flashes for the uniforms. That should put an end to house fires, eh?

I should go for a motorcycle ride. Now that’s inspirational.