Photo Restorations & Alterations

Unless otherwise credited, all photographs are © David Ritchie and may not be used without my permission.


Some photos are a challenge. Working on the Fishing Tugs Project, we only had two very rare photos of the George H, so the time invested on this restoration was worth the effort.


George H Scan013.jpgThis rough colour copy of an original photo was used on a display. I had no access to the original photo.

George H Resto.jpgThe result was well worth the uncounted hours of effort.


After many years of wear from carrying in her wallet, a client asked me to restore this, the only photo she had of her brother. It was very badly damaged and extremely small, a ‘wallet’ sized print 1″ x 1.5″. Here it is greatly enlarged, followed by the final results. Not perfect, but very time consuming and it did have to meet the budget.



ElleyOriginal.jpgA typical old family photo, card mount. Damaged, faded, stained, uneven tone and cracked surface.

ElleyFinal.jpgAfter restoration. This is a new print, the original print is scanned only.


Original print. The client requested a horizontal (landscape) print with a caption.

GeraciNancy copy.jpg Background created on both sides. Pole and line removed, image optimized.

KilmerWayneOrig.jpgA nice automobile with a distracting background. I started with this image on a 4″x6″ print.

KilmerFinal.jpgI added background content from my own files. The windshield and back window were challenging.

OrserStart.jpgA family member was missing from this photo.

OrserFinal.jpgFortunately, there was a print of the missing daughter in a similar light. Some manipulation of that image and then she was added to complete the family photo.

2 thoughts on “Photo Restorations & Alterations”

  1. I just happened upon your website while looking for old photo’s of my area, Tillsonburg, Courtland, Delhi, and Glen Meyer where I grew up. Although I didn’t find anything I was looking for personally, it was a very enjoyable time looking through the photo’s you have. Thank you.


    1. Thanks, Maggie, glad you enjoyed the photos. I will be posting an old photo of the Roosevelt Dance Hall soon. It will be on the landscapes page (in the drop-down menu under Photo Gallery. I just recently found the negative and will scan and optimize the quality before posting it.


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