Photo Gallery

Unless otherwise credited, all photographs are © David Ritchie and may not be used without my permission.

FacinWest.jpgFacin’ West 1982    Doug Summers, Larry Vandemaele, Jim White, Phil Brunelle, Mikey Ethelston

Farmers.jpg At the Fair  1990        Watching the Horse Pull contest.

Fan1.jpgBallpark Fan 1990

Fan2.jpgBallpark Fan2  1990

PopcornSalesman.jpgVendor  1990   Note the Skydome cap. It will always be the Skydome in my world- none of that corporate- giant- buys- the- name nonsense.

BballAss Scratch001.jpgAylmer  1990

TrainEngineer.jpg                 Locomotive Engineer       Winter in the Rockies, BC

NiagaraMenoWatchers.jpgWatching The River Flow               From the ongoing Watchers project.

BullGore.jpg      Rodeo, Aylmer

Boots.jpg         Boots and Nets  1988   Is there any significance in nailing the boots to a pole?

Bagpiper.jpg             Piper, Aylmer 1988

GrantHome WellingtonSt.jpg      Wellington St,  Aylmer     !987

MowingGrassAylmer.jpg     Aylmer  1987

Man4corners Aylmer.jpg      Aylmer  1987

Steeplejack.jpg              Steeplejack,  Aylmer            Town hall clock tower   1987


Bruce Shaver     1985

TheBirds.jpgThe Birds

Delta ON.jpgDelta Ontario  1974  The items inside the store are as interesting as the men outside.

LA security.jpgL.A. Security  2002

PartyShoesWeb.jpgParty Shoes  2011    Taken with a borrowed digital camera.

ThamesfordFeedMill.jpgThamesford Feed Mill    Another relic of the past, gone now.

ColdGirl.jpg                    Cold Hornplayer   Aylmer

Durst14web.jpg                    Bill Durst 2010

MotorOnBench002.jpgNorton Engine on Workshop Bench    A  Polaroid photo transferred onto watercolour paper. I used a Mamiya RB67 camera with film back loaded with the old peel-apart Polaroid film.


Untitled 1970   Taken with a cheap Sears SLR. A really bad lens but I like the vignette effect: a relatively sharp focus in the centre that rapidly softens into a blur.

GoatCar.jpg    Dusty Road

KidsFishing.jpgFishing the Catfish Creek           Remember when kids played outdoors?

StreetFight.jpg                   Palace St,  London

Party Over.jpgThe Party’s Over

RichmondSt038.jpg                  Richmond St,  London

IdleBarber.jpgIdle Barber

TheBuyer.jpgThe Buyer

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