Signs & Graffiti

Unless otherwise credited, all photographs are © David Ritchie and may not be used without my permission.






I have always been attracted to quirky signs, words and written graffiti. As the sign reads, the gallery is open. Have a seat and enjoy.


CindyLou's.jpg         Cindy Lou’s  2019     Lions Head, Ontario


BigBayHomeMade.jpg                     Big Bay, Bruce County  2019


OrangeLodge1302.jpgOrange Lodge 2019          Why are the lodges never painted orange?


Love1975.jpg        Near Hanover 1975         Love never gives up but someone gave up this dream.


LatinQuarter1975.jpg                 Latin Quarter, London 1975     Restaurant on Carling St


Art2.jpg       Carling St, London 1975


ThickShakes.jpgThick Shakes, 1992        Another Aylmer Fair photo


EnterOwnRisk.jpgCemetery   1990  Taken with a Voigtlander camera, the 35mm lens has a 16 blade aperture that is quite circular. A wide-open f2.5 aperture gives a pleasing Bokeh effect to the out-of-focus element.


DeadEnd.jpgPort Burwell 1990



Steens2.jpgSteen’s & Studebakers   Aylmer, ON          circa 1987


WayneHigh2.jpgSW Ontario,  1986   Crop tour photo, don’t remember the location.


RustyNuts.jpg             2018


MelbourneIOOF.jpg                                         2018


Fishing.jpgLondon Ontario circa 1973


DeerSign.jpgQuebec 1974          Sign used for sighting rifle.


Headache.jpgHeadache         Not surprising considering the top of her head!


BurtsBurgers.jpg    Port Bruce, Ontario circa 1987


AlmrMotel.jpg  Motel, 1985


Arcade1.jpg     Aylmer Fair, 1992


DanceHall.jpg          Dance Hall  1993


BikeShop.jpg                         Quebec, 1975


LaundroMat.jpg              Dubois, Wyoming  2002      Folk art clothesline, burro and lady with a broom.


PosterTwice005.jpg     London, Ontario  1976


Bear.jpg                   London, Ontario circa 1973


Believe and Obey.jpg   London, Ontario  circa 1974                “Believe and Obey Signs”


FreightYard.jpgCN Freight Yard Loading Dock, London  early ’70s


HoundDog007Near Stratford Ontario


Carnation.jpg   Aylmer, Ontario         Carnation closed many years ago.


MtnviewCemetary.jpg  Cimmaron, New Mexico 2002


Tatgirl.jpg  McMinnville, Oregon 2002


TesticleFestival.jpg  Dubois, Wyoming 2002          Prairie oysters anyone?


Vernors.jpg                              Vernor’s metal sign circa 1975


WildLife.jpg                       London Ontario circa 1974


FuckWork004.jpg                         London


StripShow.jpg        Toronto    1977


DevilsTower.jpg                            Wyoming      2002


UncleJoe's.jpg                      Aylmer Fair 1992


Rocks&Ammo.jpg     Shoshoni, Wyoming 2002


SteensBWsmall.jpg     Aylmer, Ontario circa 1992


Park8.2.jpg           London, Ontario circa 1973


CraftyBastard.jpg                Mark’s shop door  2015


Graves.jpg I briefly chuckled when I first found this memorial stone in a graveyard north of Calton. I then remembered that Graves is a local family name. The unnamed infant is very sobering.


Orks.jpgFrom my files.   Unknown (not remembered) date and place.


BisoncarlotSD.jpg              South Dakota 2002

Riding my motorcycle across mid-west prairies, I tried to imagine bison (buffalo) in large herds roaming the once-grassy land. This is the only one I saw. Slaughter the bison to near-extinction, then use their image to sell cars.


Grace2.jpgHarriston 1975





3 thoughts on “Signs & Graffiti”

  1. I had left a comment recently about how I came upon your website looking for older photographs of my area and how I hadn’t found any but then I suddenly remembered the one of the Roosevelt Dance Hall which was only 1/4 mile from my parents house..I stand corrected..there was one!


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