Landscapes etc.

Unless otherwise credited, all photographs are © David Ritchie and may not be used without my permission.

Landscapes are almost a secondary subject to me. My main influences have always been documentary, social  photography. Rough, gritty B&W was, and still is, my love. Cartier-Bresson, Robert Frank, Dorothea Lang, Bourke-White, Bill Brandt, and many other pioneers set my path. Today Sabastio Salgado and Larry Towell are standouts.

I always like Salvador Dali and later discovered Jerry Uelsman. My infra-red film period was very much influenced by surrealism.

“Landscapes” to me include environmental recordings that don’t include humans, but may include man-made things. It’s a vague term and who cares? There are no rules!

Dunboyne1.jpgDunboyne Cemetery  2019

TalbotGrave.jpgThomas Talbot Grave,  Elgin County   2019

Co-opElevators1993.jpg               Grain Elevators,  Aylmer  1993

BridgeSt Marys.jpg                     St Marys  Ontario  1993

WillowsPond.jpgWillow Trees   1990   Infra-red film


Great Blue Heron,  Baptiste Lake,  1987    A slow approach in a canoe did not alarm the heron. I managed 7 exposures before it flew off.

WheatFieldMalahide.jpg              Wheat Field, Malahide Township    1987

PineTree.jpgPine Tree, Elgin County    1988

Manitoulin.jpgManitoulin Island, Ontario

GaspeChurch.jpg             Gaspe,  2002

AprilSnow.jpgSumac, Malahide 2018   Snow on April 6. A fleeting scene, the snow melted within hours.

BaptisteWinter009.jpgBaptiste Lake

WireWallWeed.jpgWall, Wire, Weed (actually, a wild grape vine)  The shadows pulled me into the scene. This image photographed in 6x7cm format. The detail is amazing in a large print.

Kilns.jpgTobacco Kilns, Elgin County       Getting to be a rare sight here

Kilns2.jpgCatt Line, Malahide Township     The kilns and trees are long gone.

FenceFogTruck.jpg                 Morning Fog, Elgin County

Bullrush.jpg  Bullrushes aka Cat Tails   A threatened species due to Phragmite invasion

TreeBelmont.jpg                   Near Belmont     Infra-red film    Sadly, this tree is also gone.

Hawk.jpgRed-Tailed Hawk 1990  Definitely not a landscape, but part of the landscape.

HayFieldFall.jpg           Autumn Hay, Elgin County

TreesRavine.jpg             Springwater Forest  Elgin County   1998

ErieView.jpg       Lake Erie view  2019

QuakerSparta.jpgQuaker Meeting House, Sparta ON    2017

Redwoods1Print.jpgRedwoods National Park CA    Taken on my motorcycle journey 2002

Redwoods3Print.jpg                              Redwoods   2002

MonumentValley1.jpgMonument Valley, Arizona  2002

Fence:Snow.jpgBruce County

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