Gallery 2

Unless otherwise credited, all photographs are © David Ritchie and may not be used without my permission.

DinerDubois.jpgDiner, Dubois Wyoming   2002

GraveDig.jpgGrave Digger

BeerTractor.jpgBruce County circa 1979            

Garden.jpg Mapleton   1978

Grain Elevators.jpgCo-op, Aylmer 1976  Today the grain hoppers are much larger, as are the trucks.  Tractor/trailers now haul most of the grain to a larger facility on Elm St.

DoubleExp.jpgAylmer/London 1976    Eerie double exposute

BuggyDominionStore.jpgAylmer 1976    A bargain store today, but the Amish buggies are still a familiar sight. They have signals today and the quality of the horses is much higher thanks to the demise of harness racing in Ontario.

GarageDay.jpgGarage, winter day  1976

GarageNight.jpgGarage, winter night 1976       

ManBar1.jpgHead  1977

ManBarHand.jpgHand 1977

CarLotDusk.jpg Car Lot Noir   I remember that light, the wind whipping the plastic fringe upright like flames, the suspicious salesman.

Moving.jpgMoving Day #1

MovingManequin.jpgMoving Day #2

CatShadow.jpg                       Gino’s Shadow

BicycleCokeBottles.jpgUntitled           Lost image found in my neg scans. An exciting find for me.

HippyWedding.jpg                                 Coe Hill Ont.  70’s wedding

Mirrors.jpg                            Mirrors, London Courthouse      

Brando.jpgInnertube Project   Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire

Malden.jpgInnertube Project    Karl Malden in A Streetcar Named Desire. There’s a lot of anger in that film.

StrobeHand2.jpgInnertube Project  Experimental exploration of the CRT strobe effect

CornRoot.jpgCorn Stalk Root  2014

LadiesDundasSt.jpgDundas St. London

GirlDundas.jpgDundas St, London

DogJunk.jpg Manitoulin Island, Ontario

GSWLondon.jpgGeneral Steel Wares, London

EddieMercx.jpgWorld Cycling Championship, Montreal 1974    Eddy Merckx, followed by Raymond Poulidor, lead the final five in the penultimate lap near the summit of Mont Royal. Merckx, perhaps the most accomplished cyclist ever, won the race.

BluesFestival.jpgBlues Fest, Toronto 1974

Hardware Store010.jpgBlackfriars St, London 1974

HardwareInterior.jpg                         Interior, Murray’s Hardware  1974

KidsPalaceSt.jpgLondon circa 1974     Palace Street kids.

Supertest.jpgBearchill and Greenfield Supertest, London  1973

Lamont004.jpg Elmwood Ave, London 1971     My oldest friend and first fellow motorcycle enthusiast, Alan Lamont. We shared adventures from high school to Central America and beyond. RIP, Al, rock on!

BadRoom.jpg              London  1974    The dark side of the ’70s.

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