Gallery 3

Unless otherwise credited, all photographs are © David Ritchie and may not be used without my permission.


Strawberrylady.jpg                Strawberry Picker,  1996


KaetheDrying.jpg       Untitled



Bicycle Race, Hamilton ON     Motion in a still image .


Work-Bike.jpgLondon, ON    Worker on a more utilitarian bicycle. I love bicycling and I still ride.


CyclistsMotion.jpgBicycle Racers


RodeoHorse.jpgRodeo, Aylmer ON


Got Rythm.jpg            Got Rhythm.         I wanted to capture the feel of the music.



Cody circa 1987  Testing a Fuji “Quick Snap” single-use camera (plastic box camera with plastic lens, 35mm film).


Motion031.jpgBackyard Sprint


Leona's Hand.jpgLeona’s Hand,  1989    I was testing infra-red film in studio lighting. My model was resting as I changed film in the darkroom. I saw this un-posed image. “Don’t move!” Best image of the session.

Watchers #2.jpgWatchers #2  Infra-red film


Magic bus.jpgMagic Bus    Infra-red film


Buffet line.jpgThe Buffet Line


GeorgeHolmes.jpgGeorge Holmes in The Bicycle Shop on Richmond St, London   1975


BikeUrinal.jpgIt’s a long story….



Historic Quebec City  1974


PunkBandatYork.jpgPunk band at York Tavern,   London


MotoSecurity Guard.jpg                  Mosport  Ontario



Bass Player  2004


Divingplatform.jpg Baptiste ON     1987


PhoneBoothGirl015.jpg                  Before Cell Phones


PhoneGuy.jpg                   Blues Festival, Toronto Islands    Cell phone predicter?


QueenSt.jpg                 Queen St, Toronto   2001


Lake Country, BC.jpg                    Lake Country, B.C.       2002


LakePlacid.jpg                Lake Placid NY  from Whiteface Mtn





KidsDelta.jpgDelta, Ontario  1974    Cool kid leans on car plastic keys bandage on knee.


MelissaBath'75.jpg        The Bath   1975



Montreal     Spectators at World Cycling Championship


Gallery2LandscapesPhochemax & Abstracts, Signs & Graffiti 

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